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"I am a 46 year old Professor at the University of Bristol, where I run a biomedical research lab.  I'm father to two young kids, who certainly constitute the most demanding and important experiments I've ever done.  Also important in this context, I have Type 1 diabetes - so I need to look after myself. I'd used a Personal Trainer before, but the past few years saw me coasting at the gym - I was spending time there, but not achieving much and my weight was beginning to creep up.  Given how busy I am with work and family, I was keen to boost the efficiency of my workouts, cut some fat and generally combat the effects of middle age. Tom was recommended rather indirectly - my wife overheard one of her pilates partners singing his praises.  However, Tom's personable and informed approach made it immediately apparent that he could help me achieve my goals - and that I would enjoy the process.  I think it's the personal approach that's key: Tom knows it's not "one size fits all", and always finds a way to motivate without berating, both in the gym and in relation to diet. Tom is also extremely knowledgeable, often naming muscles I've never heard of before introducing a new exercise to target them. My goals are on track: I lost around 5kg of fat over a year, un-froze my frozen shoulders and improved my blood sugar control.  As important, I now look forward to going to the gym. I now feel stronger, more flexible and thinner - and happier for it. I would recommend Tom without hesitation.  Tom is extremely easy to get along with, and uses the perfect combination of scientific method and human touch to make workouts interesting, enjoyable and effective.  I've never had a bad personal trainer, but I know for sure that Tom is a superb one."

Professor at the University of Bristol

When I turned 30 I knew that keeping fit and lean was becoming a little harder. With two young children, time and motivation were low and I needed something to kick start me back to fitness. When my wife bought me some personal training vouchers with Tom Wood Fitness I must admit I was apprehensive as I had never used a personal trainer before. From my first session with Tom I knew that this was just the kickstart I needed. Not only did Tom help me with a co-ordinated work out programme that I can use myself at the gym, but he advised me about diet and, in particular, how to maximise muscle build and burn fat. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone thinking of personal training. I feel much better at 32 than I did at 30. I am educated about the right foods for me and motivated to keep going. Thanks Tom.

Jamie Flint

Business Improvement Consultant

I'm in my mid thirties and I work for Public Health England, collecting data to understand the frequency, nature and cause of disease. This involves a lot of sitting at a desk staring at a screen. Before seeing Tom I had a desire to improve my overall fitness to increase energy levels and to be stronger or just strong; I was in no way strong when I started. Specifically,  I wanted to improve my posture which caused frequent lower back pain. I had no idea where to start with improving strength in particular, Tom has guided me through this and provided plans to follow outside of our sessions. The training we do also really enhances my running and bouldering, both of which I started since seeing Tom. Before I started training I wasn't able to do a single pull up by myself but now I am able to perform over 25 pull ups with additional weight being added to me in a single session! I chose Tom over other trainers because I had a personal recommendation from a friend who had also experienced great results. I feel much better for seeing it - I sleep better and have more energy at work. I'm motivated with the progress I've made and am continuing to make. I would recommend Tom because he is kind, friendly and achieves great results! 


Data Analyst

I am 43 years old, a director of a construction company and interested in keeping myself healthy and fit. I initially saw Tom to recover from an injury. Tom successfully treated my shoulder, returning it back to full health. He impressed me with his knowledge and enthusiasm towards fitness and health, concentrating not only on the gym work, but wider aspects of healthy living. He is constantly updating and expanding his knowledge through courses and seminars which made him stand out from other trainers and therapists. He has helped me focus on all aspects of health and fitness including, mobility, strength, a particular focus on good form to prevent injury whilst training and dietary advice to aid health and weight loss. I feel as fit as I did in my thirties thanks to Tom’s fitness plan which I manage to complete easily within my week. I would definitely recommend Tom, he is a great personnel trainer, who motivates and challenges me. 

Alastair Shiner

Director of a construction company

I used to visit a gym 4 / 5 times a week and was not actually seeing the result I should from my effort. When I started training with Tom, within eight weeks I had lost 3 inches off my waist and my upper body strength improved dramatically. Tom is a super motivator.  Every session Tom plans is different and so very enjoyable! I look noticeably more toned and slimmer, especially around the stomach. I would never have believed the amount my body has changed in such a short space of time. People noticed a massive change in my shape. I would recommend Tom to anyone looking for a trainer. Tom's nutritional advice was great. I wouldn’t consider using anyone else for my gym sessions now that I have witnessed Tom’s results.

Grainne Cantwell

Associate Director at HSBC

Approximately 4 months before I got married I decided that I wanted to get into shape for my big day.  I met up with Tom who instantly put me at ease. He was friendly, relaxed and helpful. Tom helped me to work out what my goal was – it was to tone up, feel healthy without bulking up.  Tom devised a training programme which was varied so it kept me motivated and interested, and kept the sessions fun.  I felt fantastic on my wedding day so the training really paid off. The thing I like best about Tom is that he is easy to talk to and he really knows his stuff when it comes to personal training.

Chloe Findlater

Global Head of Product, Clarks International

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