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Achieve optimum health and fitness

 Tom Wood Fitness specialises in one - one Personal training. The service provided is results-focused. Results are achieved by using the latest scientific and evidence-based training techniques, protocols, and methodologies and over 10 years of experience in the industry. Tom both recognises and embraces that everyone is unique and one - one personal training should reflect this. Attention to detail is essential in providing a truly bespoke training experience, everything from exercise selection to lifestyle advice and guidance is tailored to you the client and your specific needs. Tom has a holistic approach that focuses not only on exercise but psychology, nutrition, sleep, stress and other lifestyle factors that are essential in helping you to achieve the best results possible. Tom does not believe in “quick fixes”, fads or gimmicks, he is however passionate about creating sustainable change that enhances his clients lives.



  • Every training program starts with the initial CONSULTATION. This first meeting is an opportunity for yourself and Tom to get to know each other, to get as much relevant information as possible about you and exactly what you want to achieve and to conduct an in depth physical assessment. Please click here for more information on the initial consultation. 


  • Using the information from the consultation Tom will then put a plan of action together with you to help you achieve your goals. He both recognises and is empathetic towards clients busy lives, financial situations and work and family commitments and will work with you to plan how you can achieve optimum health and fitness around your current lifestyle and situation.

  • The initial stage of training is designed around corrective exercises, working on your potential movement dysfunctions to restore balance and function to your body. After this we introduce fundamental exercises and movements with a specific detail to correct form to ensure you are comfortable, competent, injury free and get the most out of every workout. First we help you to move better, then we encourage you to move more. 


  • When we have corrected dysfunctional movement patterns in your body and coached you through the basic and fundamental movements your body is capable of we then introduce more advanced exercise techniques including strength training and high intensity interval training. Tom will personally guide you through your individualised program every step of the way, monitoring your progress and making sure you are getting the most out of your experience.

 "Tom is extremely easy to get along with, and uses the perfect combination of scientific method and human touch to make workouts interesting, enjoyable and effective." For more on what people are saying about Tom Wood Fitness go to TESTIMONIALS.

Please feel free to CONTACT TOM if you have any queries on enquiries regarding Personal Training or APPLY NOW to start Personal Training and achieve optimum health and fitness. 

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